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Spider Mash-Ups

Wednesday 04 July 2012
Spider's Greatest Mash-Up Hits Vol. 01
Sleeve Notes

I first became interested in Mash-Ups in 2004 when I heard Mark Vidlers (GHP) Britney Spears vs. O'Jays.

I've been DeeJaying since 1974 and that track completely changed my outlook. I had some ideas so searched around for some a capella's and instrumentals (couldn't find that many good ones back then) and haven't looked back since.

Often very well received by my audiences, unfortunately, many of the bar/club managers that I worked for didn't quite get them! I lost work for playing them because a lot of clubs are run by bean counters, not creative people! Only just now, because of there exposure these days, they are becoming much more acceptable.

I get a great sense of satisfaction when I make a mash-up and play them at my gigs. I now find that I like to put tracks together as part of my relax down time. Don't get too much of that these days so I've not been so prolific.

To date, I've made about 280 mash-ups. Not all of them brilliant and not all of them good enough quality to release. However, Vol. 2 could be released sometime soon. Watch this space!:-)

I hope that you enjoy Spider's Greatest Mash-Up Hits Vol. 01



Track List

Spider's Greatest Hits Vol. 01 Disc 01

01. Black Eyed Peas vs. Pink - Let's get the Party Started 107bpm
02. Justin Timberlake vs. Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man Brings SexyBack 125bpm
03. Earth Wind & Fire vs. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally Let's Groove v3 124bpm
04. Adamski vs. Rihanna - Disturbed Killer 123bpm
05. Britney vs. Faithless - Toxic Insomnia 143bpm
06. Dizzee Rascal vs. Madonna - 4 Minutes to Dance With Me 112bpm
07. Aha vs. Tony Basil - Take the Micky v1 (Edit) 85bpm
08. Kylie vs. Cher - Do You Believe in You 122bpm
09. Fatback Band vs. Madonna - I Found Lovin With a Prayer 110bpm
10. Haddaway vs. Inna - What is Hot Love (ft. Noisettes) 124bpm
11. Edward Mayer vs. Kaoma vs. J-Lo - Stereo Lambada Love on the Floor 127bpm
12. Black Eyed Peas vs. Kings of Leon - I Got a Feeling This Sex is on Fire 130bpm
13. Robert Miles vs. Ultra Nate - Your Children are Free (Extended) 137bpm
14. Rihanna vs. Katy Perry - What's My Firework Name 118bpm
15. Killers vs. Olive - Humans Are Not Alone 135bpm

Spider's Greatest Hits Vol. 01 Disc 02

16. Al Stewart vs. Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are in The Year of the Cat 114bpm
17. Madonna vs. Lady Ga Ga - Alejandro Bonita 105bpm
18. Marvin Gaye vs. Hall & Oats - I Can't Go for Sexual Healing (2gever edit) 105bpm
19. Ne-Yo vs. Christina Aguilera - A Closer Hurt (Even Closer Stereo Mix) 126bpm
20. Paco de Lucia & Chambao vs. Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett - Don't Look Any Further Than Tango Flamenco 100bpm
21. Rihanna vs. Shakira - Umbrella Hips 92bpm
22. Montel Jordan vs. R Kelly - This is How We Vibe 113bpm
23. Rihanna vs. Oasis - What's My Wonderwall Name 115bpm
24. U2 vs. Usher - Without You 110bpm
25. Sonique vs. Baby D - It Feels So Good In Your Fantasy 135bpm
26. Michael Jackson vs. Black Eyed Peas - Beat the Boom Boom Pow 139bpm
27. Robin S vs. Whitney Houston - Show Me How to Dance with Somebody 123bpm
28. Moloko vs. P Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole - Sing It Back from Last Night 124bpm
29. Lady Ga Ga vs. Duran Duran - Paparazzi Girls on Film (Wide Angle Mix) 128bpm
30. Will I Am vs. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive Another Heartbreaker (Credible Version) 120bpm

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