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Mash-Ups 2010 01

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Friday 01 October 2010
Madonna vs, Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - Say It Frozen
Madonna vs. Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - Say It Frozen

Check out this great new video of one of my mash-ups by Jack Jack.

This track is one of my own personal faves too!
djspideruk's Mash-Up Artwork 2010 photoset djspideruk's Mash-Up Artwork 2010 photoset

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Thursday 02 December 2010
Wham vs. Robbie Williams
The DJ Rocked Last Christmas v8 107bpm
Originally made this back in 2009, I cleaned it up in 2009 and have now released it in 2010 It's the second time I've done Wham - Last Christmas (check out my site to download Wham vs. Modjo. vs. Stardust). Hearing the same Crimbo tracks year in year out can get a bit tedious so I hope a different slant on things can breath new life into them!
Tuesday 16 November 2010
Black Eyed Peas vs. Sugababes
No Time for that Sexy Life v2 128bpm
The new Black Eyed Peas tune is a bit of a Marmite track, you either love it or you hate it! I quite like it but with out the Dirty Dancing bit! SO I edited it down to use at work and then decided it needed another tune to go with it. This is the result!
Monday 08 November 2010
Duck Sauce ft. Bill Mitchell
Tinie Tempah
DJ Spider's Passed Out 128bpm
Duck Sauce is a great track and I had to include part of my jingle by the late Bill Mitchell (Guinness adverts etc.). I thought, 'why stop there' so I created a full mash of the track. Here's the result, hope that you like it!

Tuesday 02 November 20100
Scissor Sisters vs. Kylie
All the Filthy Lovers v1 128bpm
Love the disco in Scissor Sisters and Kylies laid back dreamy vocal were a nice contrast. Hope that you like it!

Monday 11 October 2010
Haddaway vs. Inna
What is Hot Love v1 124bpm
I played these tracks back to back at work and thought, Oo err, that might work?

I originally made a Haddaway mash with The Noisettes and I've left elements of them in this track too!

Monday 11 October 2010
Amy Winehouse vs. Cee-Lo Green
F**k You In Rehab v1 140bpm
Love the Cee-Lo track (even though I don't swear myself :-) so I had to do something with it. This production might contain nuts!

(it says Fuck a lot!)

Monday 13 September 2010
Yolanda Be Cool vs. Pitbull
I Know You Speak Americana v3 125bpm
Love the Yolanda track but played it so many times, I needed to do something to stop me and my audience getting bored with it, so here it is!
Saturday 04 September 2010
Kelly Rowland vs. Usher
OMG It's the Commander v2 125bpm
Big thanks to a fan of mine, Maisie Gallagher for the idea on this one. It was in key and didn't actually take too long to put together!

Track updated to Version 2 on 09 Sept 2010, Please download again if you already have it. Re-did some levels and some timing near the end, thanx!

Tuesday 31 August 2010
Jones Girls vs. Destiny's Child ft. Sean Paul
Lose My Breath in Egypt v4 115bpm
This is one of my early mash-ups from back in 2005. I'd never released it but have now re-mastered it and could originally be heard on Scott Johnson's Ramdom Thoughts podcast #159

I enjoy mixing old skool with new, hope that you like it too?
djspideruk's Mash-Up Artwork 2009 photoset djspideruk's Mash-Up Artwork 2009 photoset