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I've been a professional DJ for a stupid amount of time and Mash-Up producer since 2004.

My career started when I bought a mobile disco with a couple of friends way back in 1974 (Oo err!)

I left school at 16 ready for some work experience and started as a runner for a photographic company, Negs in Long Acre Lane, London WC2. I soon progressed to the darkroom and learned the techniques of film developing and printing.

At the age of 18 I started a mobile disco with a couple of friends (Garry Hurcombe and Ian Ross).  We called the Disco 'The Spartacus Roadshow'. The mobile lasted for about 15 years and within that time,  I found that I had an aptitude for the job, I went solo and started working in pubs and clubs.

I also embarked on a number of businesses with my dad in this period, for instance, an engineering supply company, a DIY shop, a packing case business, a dart and trophy shop, a small record shop etc. Not majorly successful enterprises for one reason or another but great life experiences! It was mainly the DeeJaying that kept me afloat and has done ever since!

As I grew older, I figured that my DJ talents probably had a shelf life as I was going to have to compete with younger guys and girls coming into the field. Because of my interest in technology and my love of art and design, around 1995, I taught myself web designing to try and secure my future. Fortunately, my experience as a DJ and love of contemporary music has kept me in good stead as a DJ and a combination of both occupations has kept me going through two really bad recessions! As a Dj, I've had a great time and worked in some amazing places and more recently doing karaoke for Prince Harry and playing to Princesses Beatrice and Eugene.

As a web designer I've worked with some interesting companies including Globalwave and the BBC.

My latest venture which I am developing with a couple of partners is to place webcams into kennels, cattery's and stables (see the website so that you can access live images of your pet from any internet connected device in the World! This project is ongoing and I'm certain will come to fruition very soon!

Here is more information about some of my more notable gigs...


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Current Venues

Now, every...



 you can find me at...

Bunga Bunga

37 Battersea Bridge Road

I'll be playing some fun party pop and hosting the karaoke and introducing the live acts. It's gonna be a lot of fun! :-)

Listen to an interview about the venue broadcast on the BBC World Service...

Click image for a larger view and to see some more articles and pictures.

Dun Cow - 279 Old Kent Road, SE1
(1979 - 1884(ish) )

This was my first major residency and one of the first 'fun pubs' in the UK. The Old Kent Road and surrounding area was a haven for such dj led music venues and The Dun Cow was central to them.

Kenny Scott was the guvnor and Mitchell the manager, a few stories could be told!

I worked with many well known artists and acts there in my time including, Greg Edwards, Robbie Vincent, Steve Walsh etc. Les Adams and Nicky Holloway also kicked off their careers here!

Sunday Lunchtimes were for the comedians and I worked with the likes of Jimmy Jones, Jim Davidson, Roger De Courcey and Nookie Bear, Mike Read, Frank Carson, Bernard Manning etc. All politically incorrect but it was a different era!

I was the butt of their opening gags but I didn't mind playing the stooge!

The Dun Cow was built as a Victorian gin palace, which in its heyday had no fewer than eleven drinking rooms. This former landmark pub on one of south east London's most famous roads closed down in the 1990s and is now a surgery.

Music Box TV
(1985 - 1887)

Music Box was the European MTV of the eighties via cable and satellite!

I worked as the music video programmer choosing 90% of the pop video's and their order for virtually all of the shows.

Had some great times and worked with some fab people. I'll post some more pictures and video's as soon as they become available to me!

Click on the image for more pictures!

You might recognise Eileen Daily who went on to become Vampyra, check out her showreel...
Click here!

Video Directing

After leaving Music Box, I turned my hand to some video directing. I co-directed and produced the pop video for Kenny Lynch - Half the days gone.

I then went on to direct a number of shoots for the Electric Blue video company. Nothing pornographic, just Sun type tits & bums stuff.

I found that I had an aptitude for the job and wished I could have carried it forward but unfortunately didn't have the finances to do so!

I have the video on VHS somewhere! I'll convert and upload when I find it :-)

Click on the image for more pictures!
On Anon - Piccadilly, London
October 2005 - January 2011

I was at on Anon for 5 years and really enjoyed my time there.

Staff were great and the customers friendly

I've seen three refurbishments and six managers go through :-)

I was also voted On Anon's DJ of the Year 2010


The Piccadilly Institute - Piccadilly, London
28 February 2011 - 18 July 2011
See the video Click Here
Check out The Piccadilly Institute Style...



Bunga Bunga - Battersea, London - The Englishman's Italian Bar, Pizzeria and Karaoke Venue
30 July 2011 - Present
Probably the most fun place that I have ever worked!

37 Battersea Bridge Road, London SW11

I'm playing fun party pop and hosting the karaoke (and I get to buzz them off if they're absolute rubbish, discovering a whole new side to myself that I never knew existed! :-) and introducing the live acts.


Recent Venues

Bunga Bunga
30 July 2011 - Present

On Anon / The Piccadilly Institute
Oct 2005 / 28 Feb 2011 - 18 July 2011

Ruby Blue
2010 - 2011

Jewel - Covent Garden
Jan 2011

Agenda - Mincing Lane, City
Jan 2011

Abbey Bar - Minories, EC3N 1DD
04 Dec 2009 - 20 August 2010

Babble Bar - Berkley Square
June - July 2009

Loop - Hanover Square
April - May 2009

The Livery - London, EC2
December 2008 & August 2010

Clause - Lovat Lane, EC3R
December 2008

Long Acre - WC2
December 2008

Wax - Winsley St. London WC
July - November 2008

Cheers - Regent St. WC
November 2008

Sway - Holborn
2007 - June 2008 ++

Digress - Ropemaker Street, EC2
8pm - 12am / 01 April 2004 - 31 Jan 2007

Alibi - Shoe Lane, City
Fridays 9pm - 3am /
05 August 2005 - 9 May 2006

Tiger Tiger - Croydon
Fridays & Saturdays
Raffles Bar & Club.
March 2002 (The Opening Saturday)
to August 2005

Tiger Tiger - The Haymarket
March 2002 - Feb 2004 +

Past Venues

WAX - Off Oxford St.

Strawberry Moons - Piccadilly

Alibi - Shoe Lane, City
5 August 2005

Lloyds Bar - Fulham

Apt - City

ABACUS - Cornhill EC3

Motion - Embankment

Caesars - Streatham
1 1/2 Years (Started on the Opening Night!)

Crazy Larry's - Chelsea
1 1/2 Years

Yates - Stratford
Yates - Croydon
Yates - Maidstone
Yates - Guildford
Yates - Ealing
Yates - Basildon
Yates - Finchley
Yates - Hounslow

Past Venues Contd...

The Arches - London Bridge
1 1/2 Years

The Theatre - Wandsworth

The Arches - London Bridge

Coliseum - Croydon
1 Year

Joe Bananas - Croydon

Scarlett's - Purley, Surrey
1993 - 2 Years

Cheers - Wimbledon

The Sussex - Streatham
1 1/2 Years

Video Cafe - Argyle St. West End

Dial Nine - Marble Arch
1 Year

The Empire Lounge
Leicester Square

The Dun Cow - Old Kent Road
1979 - 1984

The Green Man - Old Kent Road

The Swan - Old Kent Road

The Gin Palace - Old Kent Road

The Gin Palace - Tooting

The Gin Palace - Acton


Plus hundreds of other Pubs, Clubs, Dives, Events... Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries etc etc.